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Hi. I’m Omar Ul Haq, Founder & Curator of Treasure Trove. 


 I’ve always been attracted to art.  I took a few courses in art history during my undergraduate studies at Clark University and started collecting art shortly after graduation. I frequently visited art galleries in all the cities I lived in: Boston, Washington DC, London, Islamabad, but it wasn’t until a few years ago, after I moved to Dubai, that I realized that I could make a contribution to the local art scene there.  I was also motivated by close friends who took a leap of faith when they gave up stable jobs to pursue their passions. I took a major risk giving up a lucrative career in advertising to pursue my passion – and it has so far been a rewarding journey. 


My notion is simple: art that makes a lasting impact on the beholder – whether it is by a Pakistani or an international artist, a newcomer, or someone who is well established.  I don’t focus on a particular medium or concept. I believe in art without boundaries, which is why I like to curate from all over the world, and sell all over the world.  


In only my first year, I have procured art from most continents and sold to clients all over the world. I believe in personalized service, so whenever I commission or procure a piece that I know they would like, I present it to them first.  I like to think I’ve become good at anticipating their taste, because they usually purchase the selected pieces immediately.  And while my Facebook and Instagram accounts are constantly buzzing with requests, there is nothing more exciting than a trunk show.  Seeing the reaction of my clients first hand, when they fall in love with a piece, is one of my favorite moments of what I do.  There is also a great sense of satisfaction in placement, lighting, and setting the ambience for an exhibition.  


A year later, I believe I’m still in the beginning stage of my venture – there is so much beautiful art in the world, so many artists with poignant stories to tell, that I believe that my venture will continue to be in its infancy until I am able to represent several cultures and showcase the stories of many artists from around the world.