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this is not an art gallery.

Treasure Trove is an eclectic marketplace to discover curated art from across Pakistan. we believe everyone can be an art collector, and finding the right piece should be an accessible, convenient and rewarding experience.



Saeed Akhtar is to Pakistan what Michelangelo was to the Sistine Chapel — a master craftsmen and an innovator. Akhtar imagines beautiful women and horses, gives them shape and texture and brings them to life on his canvas. He has made a great contribution to the development of art in Pakistan as an educationist and as an artist. 

Mansoor Rahi is the leading abstractionist painter of Pakistan and his teaching and influence have led to the emergence of a larger number of prominent artists than any other teacher artist. When he came to Karachi in 1963,  he was still doing water colour painting in a light impressionist style. he SLOWLY transitioned from a light impressionist style to more careful portraits AND CAREFREE landscapes.

Raja Changez Sultan is an internationally recognized painter and poet with 46 solo exhibitions behind him and seven poetry books that are printed or are currently under print. His paintings have been exhibited extensively in Austria, England and the USA, beside Pakistan. 

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